Why we exist?

On March 3, 1963, Syria’s emergency law was put into effect when the Ba‘ath Party came to power in a military coup. As a result, independent media was shut down immediately and the very few Ba’ath-supporting outlets became active ever since. Right after Assad the son came to Power in 2000, a few non-political insignificant media outlets surfaced. . In other words, Syria was not breathing media freedom for decades.


A Syria in which every journalist is professionally trained, and freedom of the press is upheld, enabling the media to contribute to building a peaceful and democratic country.


To provide the tools, means, mechanisms, and knowledge required for creating and sustaining a professional and independent media that contributes to building a peaceful and democratic Syria.

About Us

API is a non-profit project as part of Accuracy Productions social responsibility work, dedicated to responding to the needs of Syrian journalists by creating a professional media sector inside Syria.
API monitors the Syrian media environment and provides online and in-person training for media professionals in a variety of topics required for the establishment of a professional media sector that can contribute to the building of a peaceful and democratic country.

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